It takes each vaper a very different path to find a vape juice that they enjoy and want to use every day. The flavor will probably be entirely up to individual taste. It does, however, take some thinking and attention to choose a vape juice that is wonderful and just right for you.

Is PG more necessary than VG? What nicotine dosage is deemed excessive? Does every juice kind work well with the coil and vape? Should you get an e-juice with freebase or nic salt nicotine? How does the liquid you use affect the throat hit and the volume of vapor?

Just a handful of the queries you might have before or after beginning to vape are listed above. While it’s possible to locate the ideal vape juice on your first attempt, it’s much more likely to take some trial and error. 

With advice and information to help both beginner and seasoned vapers get the best vaping experience faster and with fewer mistakes, you will learn how to pick the ideal vape juice in this guide.

Choosing the right Nicotine strength

Among smokers, vaping is growing in popularity. As a result, the amount of nicotine you select could affect how simple it is for you to switch to vaping.

In the US, vape juice has a nicotine content of up to 5%, or 50 mg/ml. It is far higher than in many other countries. In the United Kingdom, the maximum is 2%, or 20 mg/ml, and it is considerably lower in many other European countries. But is it necessary to buy liquid containing 5% nicotine, and should you?

It is thought that nicotine is absorbed more effectively through vaping than through smoking. Therefore, someone who has smoked a lot might not need to start with a liquid with a high nicotine content. The nicotine strength you begin with is completely up to you, however the following suggestions can assist you in making that choice based on your prior smoking behavior.

  • Light smokers: Choose nicotine salts containing 10–20 mg/ml or 1.5–6 mg/ml.
  • Medium Smoker (smokes one pack per day): Select 20–30 6–12 mg/ml Nic Salts or 6–12 mg/ml Nicotine.
  • Regular smokers: Nicotine at 30–500 mg/ml or 12–18 mg/ml is available.

Nicotine has essentially little flavor when it is utilized in vape juice. When ingested with extreme concentration, it can occasionally provide a somewhat bitter flavor and a greater throat hit. Choosing a niacin-containing juice will help to relieve it.

The ideal vapes for using high-nicotine liquids are those with tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draws or lower-power pod-style vapes. High-powered devices (over 20 watts and below 1.0 resistance) are inappropriate for liquids with high nicotine concentrations because they frequently provide excessive doses with each draw.

Choosing Your Flavour

Over the past few years, the range of flavors offered in vape juice has grown to an almost bewildering degree. Nowadays, you can certainly conjure up a flavor that goes with any flavor or combination. What flavor cereal are Froot Loops? That is indeed feasible. whipped lemon pie? Also, yes. Mustard and cream cheese? Ok, so perhaps no flavor.

The variety of flavors available in vape juice has exploded in the last few years. Now, finding a flavor that goes well with any flavor or combination shouldn’t be too difficult. Froot Loops cereal has what flavor? Yes, that is feasible. Pie with lemon cream? Yes, and also. Cream cheese and mayonnaise? Okay, so perhaps the flavor is absent. Many beginning vapers decide to start with menthol- or tobacco-flavored vape juice in order to more precisely mimic the feeling of smoking. There are several choices even within this narrow flavor spectrum.

One of the easiest ways to find a new favorite taste is to converse with other vapers. Similar to red berries with menthol, most long-term smokers will have a preferred juice brand and flavor profile. If you are willing to experiment with juice flavors based on more than just how they taste like cigarettes and don’t expect to find the perfect juice right away, you will rapidly find a flavor that you like.

PG/VG Ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the two key ingredients in the majority of vape juice. How these two crucial elements are combined can affect how much a vape liquid is enjoyed, how tasty it is, and how convenient it is to use.

Every vape juice should be labeled or described with the VG-to-PG ratio, which is commonly 50/50 or 70/30. The first and second figures, respectively, are the proportions of VG and PG. Even while this seems to be rare, high-PG liquids have been connected to throat irritation in some vapers. Below is a list of the juices you should consume to obtain some of the most typical experiences.

  • Big Clouds: High-VG Liquid
  • Stronger Throat Hit: High PG Liquid
  • Smoother Inhale: High-VG Liquid
  • Discreet Clouds: High-PG Liquid
  • Sweet Flavors: High-VG Liquid

PG Sensitivity: High-VG Liquid

Your Vaping Style Matters

The last thing to consider is the vaping technique. One of the most obvious ways to distinguish vaping from smoking is the capacity to inhale. The two main ways to vape are through the mouth (MTL) and directly into the lungs (DTL or DL). 

Stick to the MTL approach, which is more similar to smoking, if you are new to vaping. DL vaping is a little more advanced, requiring a different vape pack, and takes some getting used to.

Some vape juices aren’t suitable for both types of vaping. Here are the two types of vaping and the best juices for each:

  • Mouth to Lung: Liquids with higher PG and nicotine levels The experience of vaping with this style and vape juice will be more like smoking.

Direct to Lung: Liquid with high VG and low nicotine (around 6 mg/ml). Without putting too much nicotine into your system, this will allow for large, dense clouds of vapors.


Making your first e-liquid choice can seem like a minefield when you consider all of the alternatives. However, if you apply the above checklist to determine what you require, you can easily identify the type of e-liquid you require to begin. You’ll be able to discover the beautiful and varied world of e-liquid flavors thanks to it!

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